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Sedona Wedding | Eddy |

The sun shined down on the red rocks of Sedona, AZ. The little bed and breakfast was nestled away in a quiet residential neighborhood. She finished glossing her lips and zipping her dress. He arrived in his black car and anxiously awaited his soon-to-be wife. She heard him arrive and immediately became flustered. As he stood there waiting for her, she peeked out the window so that he couldn’t see her. She stepped out on to the shady porch, and there he stood only feet away. He turned around to see her standing there and as soon as their eyes met one another, it was as if everything around them froze. They spoke only with their eyes and hearts but so much was said in that moment. She walked to him, slowly. His hands outstretched to embrace her in his arms and she fit perfectly, as if she were made for him. They stood there crying, laughing, kissing.

They walked down that red dirt path lined with wildflowers to the base of Courthouse Rock, hand in hand. As they approached, they saw close friends and family gathered around, waiting for their arrival. They promised to love and cherish one another, exchanged, rings, and shared a kiss. They were married at the Courthouse surrounded by the ones they loved the most.

On this day, 9.06.2015 they realized they had been together for 906 days. Coincidence? I think not.

FATE would be the only explanation.


Tucson reception to be continued in October!

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